Kofax PaperPort 14 Standard, English

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The Ultimate Digital Filing Cabinet

Kofax PaperPort™ enables individuals and organizations to scan, share, search and organize documents in a simple, integrated solution. With PaperPort, you can take individual or enterprise information management to new levels of productivity and security.
  • Combine fast, easy scanning with PDF creation to simplify document management.
  • Store, share and find documents on the network.
  • Capture information on-the-go from any device.
  • Transform paper documents into actionable digital information.
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Product information “Kofax PaperPort 14 Standard”

KOFAX PaperPort 14 Standard

Efficient Document Management Put an end to paper clutter. Kofax PaperPort 14 works with all-in-one printers, mobile and desktop scanners and more, making document management faster, easier and more effective.

Kofax PaperPort Standard – (v. 14)

  • Convert documents into searchable, high-quality PDF files that can be organized
  • Store important documents in one place
  • Reduce paper clutter at your desk
  • Create searchable PDF files from digital files and scanned documents
Organizing important private documents such as bills, receipts, financial records, or photos can be an overwhelming task. How about being able to easily find, scan and share any document and organize all your files in one place?Kofax PaperPort Standard allows you to scan, share, search and manage your personal documents in one simple, integrated document management solution. With Kofax PaperPort Standard, you can eliminate the loose paper clutter on your desk by digitizing your documents.

Maximum security. Maximum document protection.
State-of-the-art security features such as full document encryption during transfer, robust tamper protection and privacy certification ensure that your documents, files and personal data are securely protected.
Never search again
Create searchable PDF files from digital documents and scanned paper originals. Simply enter keywords or search terms into the desktop search function and you’ll find the file you need.
Expert in no time
Gone are the days of complicated scanning. With PaperPort, all it takes is the touch of a button. Set up is a snap and then you have all your stored documents at your fingertips, quickly and easily, in one application.
Turn paper into text
PaperPort turns paper into text in one simple step: With the convenient drag-and-drop feature, simply drag text scans to a word processing or spreadsheet application in the PaperPort Send bar to turn them into editable text.
Even more benefits with
PaperPort 14 Professional
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Organization and digitization help you “Work like Tomorrow” today
Get organized!
A centralized solution for scanning paper documents and opening, viewing, editing and converting files on your PC. The best way to tidy up properly and stay organised.
Green Office
Stop relying on copiers, fax machines and courier services. Reduce waste and save energy while saving money.
Less stress
Secure document management: documents stored in Kofax PaperPort cannot be lost, crumpled, torn or accidentally thrown away.
Get More Done in Less Time
PaperPort includes a powerful PDF viewer for viewing, editing and sharing PDFs, eliminating the need for the free Adobe® Reader®.
Organize and edit digital photos
Scanning photos is just the beginning. A wide range of photo editing tools and optimal screen and print resolution turn your digital photos into masterpieces. fill out
forms quickly and cleanly
FormTyper® lets you turn scanned paper forms into electronic forms and fill them out, save them as PDFs and send them via email. Fast, easy and completely automatic.
Works with any scanner
PaperPort makes all-in-one devices and mobile and desktop scanners even faster and easier to use. And the results are better too.

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