LENOVO ADP-LE012 19.5V6.15A 5.5*2.5 ORIGINAL Adapter/Charger ADP-LE012

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  • AC Input: 100 ~ 240V 50~ 60Hz
  • DC Output: 19.5V 6.15A
  • Connector: 5.5mm* 2.5mm
  • 3 Months Warranty
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Model Part No: (Compatible)

36002031 36002079 36200400 41A9732 41A9734 57Y6547 57Y6549 57Y6556 ADP-120LH PA-1121-16

Compatible with:

LENOVO: Y460, Y470 Y560, B305, Lenovo C300, C305, C320, C325, Lenovo A600, Y650 , Y710 , Y730 , Lenovo B300, Y550 , Y570 , Y580 , Lenovo Y400, Y500 , Y500N ,


LENOVO IDEAPAD Y460P SERIES: Y460P-4395-27U, Y460P-4395-28U , Y460P-4395-29U , Y460P-4395-2AU , Lenovo Y460P-4395-2BU, Y460P-4395-2CU , Y460P-4395-2DU , Y460P-4395-2EU , Lenovo Y460P-4395-2FU, Y460P-4395-22U , Y460P-4395-23U , Y460P-4395-24U , Lenovo Y460P-4395-25U, Y460P-4395-26U ,

LENOVO IDEAPAD Y470 SERIES: Y470P, Y470P-0855-2LU, Lenovo Y470P-0855-2KU,

LENOVO IDEAPAD Y480 SERIES: Y480-2093-4YU, Y480-2093-88U, Y480-2093-86U, Lenovo Y480-2093-4ZU, Y480-2093-83U,

LENOVO IDEAPAD Y560 SERIES: Y560-0646-5RU, Y560-0646-5NU, Lenovo Y560-0646-5CU, Y560D-0646-57U, Y560P-4397-28U, Y560P-4397-2DU, Lenovo Y560P-4397-2CU,

LENOVO IDEAPAD Y570 SERIES: Y570-0862-24U, Y570-0862-25U, Y570-0862-26U, Lenovo Y570-0862-27U, Y570-0862-28U, Y570-0862-29U, Y570-0862-2RU, Lenovo Y570-0862-2WU, Y570-0862-2UU , Y570-0862-2VU , Y570-0862-68U , Lenovo Y570-0862-6JU, Y570-0862-6LU , Y570-0862-6MU , Y570-0862-6HU ,

LENOVO IDEAPAD Y580 SERIES: Y580 59359513, Y580 2099XC7, Y580 20993FU, Y580 20998PU, Lenovo Y580 2099XD8, Y580 20993JU, Y580 2099XD2, Y580-2093-4YU, Lenovo Y580-2093-88U, Y580-2093-86U, Y580-2093-4ZU, Y580-2093-83U, Lenovo Y580-59345717, Y580-59345715, Y580 59353260, Y580 59RF0051

Note: Not all compatible models listed.

Please contact our customer service before placing order for the adapter to ensure that you\u2019re getting the most accurate adapter for your laptop uses.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 2 cm


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